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11 Motivational Quotes (IMAGES) That Would Spike Your Motivation.

It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words. These are a collection of picture quotes that would boost your motivation from outside to the deepest place in your heart.

You are an UNLIMITED being. Tell that demon inside you, who gives you reasons why it won't work, ''hell no!''. Its time to get up and head for that dream of yours, that which you have been harboring in your heart. Step up and come out of the mediocre mindset because greatness is already found in your genetics, let it express itself.

When you sorround yourself with people of limited ambition and FAITH, they would tell you reasons why your idea or plan won't work. Yes! they say so because most of such people are a failure, don't let what they say pull you down.

1. Stretch Your Limits.

2. It always starts from somewhere at the baseline. Don't be afraid to start anything so far as you have passion flowing in it.

3. Don't confine your abilities in a box.

4.  Be persistent.


5. Always concentration on the reasons why its possible not impossible.

6. If you think big, you become big.

7. Feel the pain at the beginning and enjoy the rest of your days ahead.

8. You are capable of being anything, believe in yourself. Quitters don't win because winners don't quit, right!

9. Surround yourself with people that boost your energy and motivate you.

10. Speak up. Let your voice out.

11.Never give up. Only loosers do.

What You Have Been Missing All Your Life About Mind Power.

 The topic of success is one that mankind has pondered about for ages. Everybody has the same opportunity, that is, everybody can be successful but the only difference is in terms of how much effort. This article would tell you how this seemingly controversial statement is true.

 By the way, what is success?, how do you know you are already successful?, how do you move from poverty and misery to a wealthier and happier life. All these questions are answered by just an understanding of how our minds work. The mind is the power house of the human being, its from this focal point that all the physical circumstances we encounter originate.

The mind is divided into the conscious and subconscious (subliminal) mind. The conscious mind is that which we use daily at a conscious level, it judges good from bad, right from wrong. In short the conscious mind is that mind which you can manipulate. The subconscious mind on the other hand is that part of your mind that is not directly subjected to your control. It receives information from the conscious mind, irrespective of whether its good or bad, negative or positive.

The subconscious mind has power, it has the ability to bring mere thought to physical reality. It transforms the information sent to it from the conscious mind into reality by stimulating and rearranging all factors in and around you so that this thoughts can come to pass. As earlier mentioned, the subconscious act on what ever piece of information it receives. Now you are probably wondering how you could manipulate the information impressed on the subconscious.

 How to make your mind create magic for you

Its a simple but difficult process. Simple because basically what you have to do is shut down negative thinking and promote more of positive thinking, difficult because its not an easy thing to do. You maybe wondering how to control you thought, good enough you have the emotional tool. Each time your emotions swing to the negative know that your thoughts are not good start to change the, immediately.

Start today to plant in your minds only positive thoughts about yourself and the people around you and you would start experiencing love in return. When you understand how your mind works you will stop blaming others but identify where your thoughts went wrong.

Truly at the beginning it is not going to be easy but with constant control you would master the techniques and you will become the master of your mind.

What you have to do is to assess at every given time if what you are thinking or feeling is what you want. If you notice the dominant thoughts or feelings are negative, start altering your mood or thoughts.

How can you alter your thoughts? You can do this by a technique called AUTOSUGGESTION. By autosuggestion, you tell your  inner self affirmatively the new objective. For example repeating the affirmation ''I am happy'' repeatedly forces this information into your subconscious mind and when the subconscious mind has been impressed, it activates and sets in motion happiness processes. You then start to feel a change in your mood. Always remember to construct affirmations beginning with ''I am...''. And keep the affirmative statement positive.

Another way to prevent negative thoughts or emotions from coming to physical reality is to suppress impression of the subconscious by switching your environment or doing something that you love. It will distract your conscious mind from paying attention to injuring thoughts and emotions, blocking them from seeping into the subconscious.

We will be sharing with you subsequently various techniques of controlling your mind and making it work magic for you. Read other articles on this blog. Bookmark, subscribe and receive our posts FREE as soon as we post them. You will never be the same if you visit us regularly.

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By Ebasone P. Vanes 

Do You Know Yourself? Learn The Magic of Self Examination.

The saying "Man knows Thyself!" is a cliche. Self examination is a tool that has been used by thousands of successful people for millenniums. Successful people are those who have a good knowledge of the person inside them, they know how to manage and control this person. Do you want to be successful in life? to be able to handle situations more appropriately?, gain self confidence?, adapt to any situation or environment? First thing, you have to know yourself.

This article would stimulate you to to join in the list of other great men who have benefited from the always rewarding act of self examination. Amongst them to name a few were, Isaac Newton, Socrates, Albert Einstein and Andrew Carnegie.

When you reach the final goal of self examination and action, you shall better manage stress, you shall be able to deal with your ego more appropriately while developing assertiveness. Also read Effective Ways of Dealing With Annoying People.

Knowing oneself does not suffice if you just act like you don't care about making a change for the better. Without taking active involvement in the creative processes of  your life, the path you take in life will simply be driven by 'luck' and 'chance'. Your chances of growing positively will either be diminished or be entirely limited. You would discover your true potential and claim your birth right, happiness (How to Be Happy: The Magic of Happiness Every One Should Learn)

Self knowledge implies identifying your weaknesses and strengths. Spending some time daily, monthly or yearly to examine yourself is quite a big step towards success, but drawing resolutions and amending them is tantamount to greatness. Great people spend sometime of the day searching their hearts, looking for the different aspects of their lives in which they are doing well, as well as those areas that are negative and pulling them down.

Knowing yourself means genuinely examining yourself from an external point of view with some favoritism and ego eliminated. It's more common to makeup a reason for a negative attitude or habit so that you won't feel guilty about it. This is a defence mechanism you have built from childhood. You have to modify this defence mechanism so that it can act in your favour rather than being deceptive.

Be truthful to yourself for there is no other person in the examining room of your mind. Take each aspect of your life and verify if your doing it right; whether you are happy with it. Without this self examination the tendency is to let those negative aspects persist.

The inability to implement what you have learnt from self examination means continuously hurting and widening the gap between you and your success. Commonly faced by many are issues related to Procrastination, Persistence, Loosing faith, Personality, Prompt decision making, fear and doubt, state of Relationship with others, lack of concentration, open mindedness/tolerance, bad habits, time management, guilt, to name a few.

Using these common issues outlined above, it is advisable to make a personal inventory of a self analysis questionnaire. Use daily, weekly or monthly to see if you are moving ahead, stagnant or regressing. After doing this you should clearly state and write down your new day, new week, new month or new year resolutions.

Remember to act on these resolutions and not just have them because everyone gets a resolution but only a few act on them.

By the way, if you don't do exercises like this how do you truely know which direction your life is taking, meaning the act of self examination is indispensable. As you grow you should be having a DECREASE IN THE NUMBER OF FAULTS and an increase in VIRTUES.

Start Today, retire to quiet area, rest and examine yourself genuinely, make a personal inventory and act on it. I can assure you that your life will never be the same. Remember persistence is key.

By Ebasone P. Vanes   

5 Most Effective Ways of Dealing With Annoying People.

Do you find yourself in a position where you have to work, school or live with someone who is annoying? So much annoyance that you want to quit or break up the relationship?. This piece of writing would help you find the answer to your problem.

At the end of this article; You would learn how to deal with the feeling of annoyance, you would learn to accept and tolerate people with different types of annoying personalities. You would understand the underlying mechanisms involved in the way we react to others' faults.

It is clear that we often look at things from our own point of view which in majority of cases is not the reality of the situation. Each time you encounter someone and they do something annoying or unacceptable to you, the tendency is for you to enter an emotional turmoil.

Negatives thoughts aroused by such a situation, if persistent seeps into the subconscious mind. This process is catalysed by negative emotions. When information is seeded into the subconscious it MUST manifest itself through physical reality.

Each time you get annoyed, you are more likely to ignite faster than usual, negative emotions since such pathways have already been established in the brain. What happens in reality is that you would often come out with a conscious rationale that makes you feel that your feelings are justified and that they are the person's fault, not yours.

If you persist in letting the bad feelings and thoughts get into your brain, either via an encounter or thoughts of this person, what happens upstairs is that, you continue to build new emotionally damaging neuronal connections in your brain substance. These newly established negative emotion stimulating pathways make you more and more susceptible to disliking and eventually hating that person.

Truth is that the fault is yours, for failing to manage this process at its initial stage.

How can to prevent, manage and get out of such a state of persistent annoyance. I give 5 simple magical steps that would certainly help you through out your life.

1. Keep in mind that for every such circumstance you encounter in life, there is your side of the experience and the actual reality of it.

This is the first measure to mastering the whole process. With practice this step would help you to smile and say "i reject" each time a feeling of annoyance shows its face. How you think other people see you in many circumstances is not the case. Thinking wrongly that he/she hates you given the way he/she either looks at you, talks to you, behaves towards you or respond to you. Until it is clear with full evidence that someone dislikes you or that the person intentionally annoys you, never let those negative feelings take control of you. Think of that person as good and you would initiate supernatural creative processes that would bring that person's energy to resonate with yours.

2. Keep calm and quit fighting back.

Stop the arguments, stop trying to prove that you are right. You would in most cases aggravate your situation, because you continue to impress your subconscious mind with negative thoughts and emotion, hence worsening the outcome.

Say fewer words yet maintaining good communication.
If you keep your mouth and tongue in place, your 'heart' shall remain at rest
Each time you 'fight', you triple the dept of your emotional turmoil and also create newer depressive neuronal pathways in the brain.

3. Minimise the amount of time you spend with them without making it look like you are avoiding somebody.

You can do this for example by giving tangible reasons for the need to be somewhere else. You could go hang out with friends, family, other colleagues and loved ones. This minimises the stimulation of the negative emotional pathways forming in your brain. This also gives the other party the opportunity to reflect and judge their actions towards you. Also read 5 Magical Stress Releasing Techniques That Work Instantly

4. Act like you don't even notice that they are annoying.

In some cases the person annoying you does it intentionally or is quite aware of their actions. Ignore as much as you can any act of sarcasm. Act with so much neutrality each time they initiate a process aimed at firing a shot at you. After several attempts they will notice that their attempts are a failure and would certainly stop due to a fear of making a fool of themselves. How To Deal With The Fear Of Losing Someone's Love.

Act pleasant, keep the smile, do your usual duties with him/her, give them compliments like you would do under normal circumstances. Its a very powerful tool if you do it right. If there is something mankind hates so much, its for someone to behave totally unresponsive to intended stimulation.

5. Accept the other's personality defects and focus on their positives.

Everybody has negatives and positives. Most of the times you are tempted to focus on the negatives and remain blind to the positives. It is advisable to pick out a piece of paper and on one side write down their positives and on the other their negatives. Be truthful to yourself as much as you can be. You would be surprised by how many good aspects you have been blind to. For each negative identified, ask yourself how you can cope with it. Develop a strategy to cope with this personality handicap. You have intrinsically that ability to deal with different types of personality traits just that many people refuse to use this ability. You are the master of yourself, you can say 'no' to spontaneity and repulsiveness at a glance.

Also DOWNLOAD and Read this very costly eBook, although we give it to you FREE, AS A MAN THINKETH By James Allen

Photo by Doug-Robichaud.

By Ebasone P. Vanes 

How To Deal With The Fear Of Losing Someone's Love.

Every so often I see people stray far out of their way to do things for people which they normally would not do, and tolerate an arsenal of things they normally would not tolerate. Diverse reasons are often forwarded for this. Sometimes they are just nice and lineant people who generally enjoy pleasing others, other times they are under some pressure to stay as sober as possible in order not to get the other angry in fear of an unfavourable reaction.

The first reason is somewhat acceptable, but I'm here to help those who are "afraid to lose their friendship or their love" or whatever they could be getting from the concerned party. It is dangerous to your psychological health.

Every human being has a characteristic signature. Just like your official signature is unique to you, so is your character. If you have no visibly defined character, it goes that you have no self esteem, and if you have no self esteem, few people will treat you with value. We all have energies which come in contact when we communicate and interact. Most often, one person's energy dominates another during interaction.

If you are easily dominated, or if you give that impression to anyone, they will naturally value you less by either treating you with less respect or with pity. This puts you in a vulnerable position.

If you love someone to some point that they can get anything they want from you, you will hardly gain their love in return. They will take advantage of your weakness until they need you no more, and then they will move on and get someone else.

So if you want to attract attention, have your principles. Principles command respect. This is important. If you constantly act out of fear of losing someone, you will certainly lose them. After all fear is only good at materialising negativity.

Sometimes people act this way intentionally because they want to obtain something from the other party. You will hardly influence someone who easily influences you. People who are easily influenced are looked upon naturally as people who cannot make a right suggestion thus whatever they may suggest is often shrugged away firsthand.

Thus if you must get something from someone, do not put them in a position of dominance towards you, and do not give them any reason to dislike you either. Just be yourself, be somebody with principles.

"One of the greatest regrets in life is being what others would want you to be, rather than being yourself." - Shannon L. Alder

We all have someone we do not want to lose, and there is someone we know does not want to lose us. Try to pause and observe these two groups of people. How do they interact with you? How do they react to your requests? How do you see them, how much respect do you have for them? How much do you think they have for you? Try to answer these questions and diagnose and apply what you just read.

I wish you more healthy relationships as you continue to build your self esteem.

 By Ngole E. Stanley

A Special Message From the Voice of Success

  I am...Success.

  All humans want to achieve me, and want me in abundance; but very few respect me and obey my laws. I am a trophy, and if you must achieve any trophy, you must kill the slumber and brave the cumber. Those are my enemies and you must help me fight against them so you gain my favour. The path that leads to me is filled with obstacles and challenges which cannot be bypassed, but some rather than arming themselves enough to take this path, seek different paths which lead to my look-alike - Pseudo Success.

Why You Should Kill Your Pride?

This heading looks somewhat eye-catching. What is the relationship between humility and gravity? We will start by talking about one, then about the other, then we will see how they are related.  

How to Be Happy: The Magic of Happiness Every One Should Learn

Did you know that you could learn how to be permanently happy by just simply altering a few aspects of your life?

In this article you would learn quite a lot about happiness: its underlying processes, its relationship with good health, success and people magnetism.

How To Pull Away From Bad Friends

Sometimes in life it dawns on us that we may not be keeping the right company. 

When we literally wake up from a dream to find ourselves around people who don't complement our inner build or our noble objectives, which may have strayed away from our conscience for time enough to have us find ourselves with such company, or fail to realize we were keeping such. 

Are you moving in the right direction in life?

Ever wondered whether you're doing the right thing? It happens often in every upright life. We often wonder if we're moving in the right direction in life, if we're doing what we should do, and other related worries.

The truth is: we can't always be right, and it is not essentially wrong to do the wrong thing so long as the wrong is not deliberate, and so long as it is recognized.

The Art of Effective Prayer

Prayer is that solemn ritual which is common to all religions. Different religions have different approaches to prayer but there is something about prayer that is fundamental, irrespective of your religion. 

In this piece you would discover what true prayer is, how to pray effectively and why some prayers are not answered. 

The mildest form of prayer is DESIRE. Did you know that everybody prays silently?.

Stop Worrying Today or Get Heart Diseases, Stomach Ulcers, Diabetes, and Arthritis…

Majority of deaths today in developed countries and increasingly in the less developed world stem from just this single five letter word WORRY. 

The alarming increase in the number of heart diseases, diabetics, arthritic cases, stomach ulcers and suicide cases has been proven to be largely as a result of worry. 

Our mind, Our third eye.

Looking to the sky, you may see twinkling stars. But looking at the sky, you will hear the silent voice of the universe.

   N. E. Stan Lee.
The world is run by an interconnection of thoughts. So complex a network that it beats all scientific prowess to investigate thoroughly. 

Why You Can’t Find the Job of Your Dream (+ Proposed Solutions)

A lot of people wonder why they can’t get a job, moving from one employer to the other yet getting the same response, NO! .

Some of you have probably been attributing this to Ill luck or some form of mischievousness. 

Entrepreneurship as a Sixth Sense

Hearing the term "entrepreneur" rightly redirects one's mind towards economy. As economic beings, all humans are entrepreneurs.

Globally, entrepreneurship is about planning and taking risks,starting an idea and following it up entirely till its accomplishment, after surmounting all the obstacles which are never absent.