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11 Motivational Quotes (IMAGES) That Would Spike Your Motivation.

It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words. These are a collection of picture quotes that would boost your motivation from outside to the deepest place in your heart.

You are an UNLIMITED being. Tell that demon inside you, who gives you reasons why it won't work, ''hell no!''. Its time to get up and head for that dream of yours, that which you have been harboring in your heart. Step up and come out of the mediocre mindset because greatness is already found in your genetics, let it express itself.

When you sorround yourself with people of limited ambition and FAITH, they would tell you reasons why your idea or plan won't work. Yes! they say so because most of such people are a failure, don't let what they say pull you down.

1. Stretch Your Limits.

2. It always starts from somewhere at the baseline. Don't be afraid to start anything so far as you have passion flowing in it.

3. Don't confine your abilities in a box.

4.  Be persistent.


5. Always concentration on the reasons why its possible not impossible.

6. If you think big, you become big.

7. Feel the pain at the beginning and enjoy the rest of your days ahead.

8. You are capable of being anything, believe in yourself. Quitters don't win because winners don't quit, right!

9. Surround yourself with people that boost your energy and motivate you.

10. Speak up. Let your voice out.

11.Never give up. Only loosers do.